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About Us

Who We Are

HMNstyle is a small, veteran-owned business dedicated to offering quality clothing that fits you, your fashion sense, and your body type!

What We Offer

One of our primary goals as a company is to be all-inclusive.  Finding items that fit everyone is a challenge, even for us retailers.  That's why we do our best and go out of our way to carry everything from sizes Small to 3XL, and we're on the hunt for petite sizes, as well!

We shop at numerous markets throughout the year, connecting with vendors from around the world, and we hand-pick each piece in the hopes that you'll love what you wear.

Looking for a specific style?  Contact us and tell us what you're in the market for!  We may be able to help you put together the perfect look that is uniquely you!

If you're unhappy with anything you've bought from us, be sure to check out our refund policy so you don't miss the return window!


As global business slowed during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, owner Scott Pienta began searching for ways to use his media expertise to continue to grow a budding streaming network while most people stayed at home.  Building on the successes of covering local news and sports, as well as providing services to corporations and organizations who wished to hold online events, Scott realized that people still need to shop, but there was no real human interaction in simply browsing the web for products -- no one there to explain the feel and fit of an outfit or the ins and outs of how to use a piece of equipment.

Several online stores were already engaging with their customers through live streaming video, but Scott realized his company had the equipment and know-how to take it a step further.  Live TV shopping was already a massively successful business for companies like HSN and QVC, and we could produce a similar broadcast with better audience interaction online.

HMNstyle began in 2020 with a few outfits, three models to present them, and twice-weekly streams.  Shifting business priorities forced a hiatus for some time, but HMNstyle returned in 2022 with new models, new products, and specialists in marketing and creative direction.

In May of 2023, HMNstyle opened its first ever physical location at 120 N. Broad St. in downtown Hillsdale, Michigan.